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calendar_month Publicación: 01/12/2021

Generative Scholarship Through Prospective Theorizing: Appreciating the Roots and Legacy of Organization Development and Change to Build a Bright Future

Autor: Lindsey Godwin, Ignacio Pavéz , Ignacio Pavéz, Gretchen Spreitzer


How can Organization Development and Change (ODC) research and practice help create healthy, vibrant, and humane organizations and communities? This has been a guiding question for the field of ODC throughout a year-long series of activities (e.g., design meetings, webinars, and informal dialogues) linked to the 50th anniversary celebration of the ODC Division of the Academy of Management. In this paper, we provide our own reflections on this unfolding dialogue by proposing that ODC’s future can be bolstered by leveraging its legacy and historical strengths as the basis to engage in a systematic approach for doing prospective theory-building ( Cooperrider, 2021), particularly on grand challenges like the transition to the Anthropocene. That is, we advocate for building theory that focuses on intentionally co-creating a better future rather than take it for granted or merely describing (and projecting) the past. In doing so, we believe ODC scholars and practitioners will be better equipped to create what we refer to as generative scholarship and write the next chapter for ODC as a revitalizing force in the world.

Fuente: Journal of Aplied Behavioral Science

Volume 57, Issue 4

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