calendar_month Publicación: 02/01/2024

A target-time-windows technique for project scheduling under uncertainty

Autor: Marcos Goycoolea, Patricio Lamas, Alexandra Newman, Bernardo Pagnoncelli

Profesor Relacionado: Marcos Goycoolea

calendar_month Publicación: 02/01/2024

Leaders’ induced justice perceptions as mediator of the relation between participative leadership behaviors and team learning

Autor: Andrés Raineri

Profesor Relacionado: Andrés Raineri

calendar_month Publicación: 01/10/2023

Assessing nutrient circularity capacity in South American metropolitan areas

Autor: Claudia Pabón, Alma Fleitas, Tom Wassenaar

Profesor Relacionado: Claudia Pabón

calendar_month Publicación: 12/04/2023

The illusion of validity: How effort inflates the perceived validity of interview questions

Autor: Edgar Kausel, Don Zhang

Profesor Relacionado: Edgar Kausel